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Advisory boards & patient roundtables

The team at Bham Pharma can assist in maximising the results of your medical advisory boards and patient roundtables. Discover how we can transform the effectiveness of your consultants.

Medical advisory boards

An advisory board is a structured way for pharmaceutical companies and health organisations to engage with a range of stakeholders. They are often a powerful vehicle to provide feedback from directors and shareholders. 

Here at Bham Pharma we support a range of clients, from biotechnology start-ups to multinational corporations and non-profit organisations. We provide thorough and concise reports from structured board discussions, based on the latest best practice. 

The aim is to communicate and record the discussions produced by the boards, which can help to test strategic thinking and access expert insight or industry connections. 

Advisory boards is an umbrella term but can include a range of discussion vehicles, including think tanks, steering committees, project boards and consultative bodies.

What is the purpose of a medical advisory board?

The main aim of advisory boards is to support a company or organisation by providing new perspectives and advice to solve business problems or explore new opportunities. They are not there to make decisions. 

The most effective boards provoke robust, in-depth conversations - they are not a governance function. Our reports highlight discussions around current knowledge and analysis, to provide confidence to stakeholders and key decision-makers. The scope of each board will depend upon the individual business requirements.

Roles and responsibilities

To qualify as a recognised advisory board structure, you usually require a three-part structure: independent chairperson, external advisors and internal representatives (i.e directors, business owner). 

Independent chairperson

External advisors

Internal representatives 

This structure should ensure the right balance during discussions between advice and operational aspects. Depending on the size of your organisation, you may require additional board members but these need to be relevant to agreed scope. 

An independent chairperson facilitates discussion and ensures that board structure sticks to its scope and business objectives. The external advisors should be able to add industry knowledge and first-hand experience to solve issues and offer strategic direction.

Patient roundtables

From drug development to health service delivery, there needs to be an effective communication strategy to enable the views of patients to be heard to help make informed decisions. 

Patient roundtables provide a direct channel between health professionals and patients, ensuring that the care of the end user is a priority. Here at Bham Pharma, we have the experience to compile and produce thorough reports on roundtable discussions on behalf of pharmaceuticals and biotech businesses.

Clear and concise reports can accurately identify the issues that concern patients and patient groups, helping health professionals to set new priorities in their work. All our medical writers are here to help you make the most of your consultations by improving the standard of your reports to help you achieve your commercial goals.

Why choose Bham Pharma?

Our professional medical writers play an important role in supporting advisory boards and patient roundtables. While every client has their own requirements, our role in advisory boards usually covers the following areas:

  • To help identify potential chairs and advisors to participate in meetings
  • Prepare pre-meeting and post-meeting surveys and publish responses
  • Produce meeting materials such as presentations
  • Write an executive summary that captures the key takeaways from the meeting
  • Collect feedback from participants on the meeting and overall experience
  • ncourage ongoing relationships with advisory board members for potential future collaborations

Want to find out more?

The experienced medical writer at Bham Pharma can provide accurate and in-depth reports on medical advisory boards and patient roundtables. Save yourself time and hassle, by contacting our friendly team today.
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