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About us

At Bham Pharma, we are an expert team of medical writers who are passionate about delivering the latest scientific research and medical advancements in a creative, informative, and accurate manner. We aim to make healthcare information understandable and accessible to all through our extensive experience in medical communications and regulatory writing.

Our mission at Bham Pharma

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 From molecule to market, we write the science that transforms lives.
We are here to help our industry partners advance therapeutic innovation with world-class medical writing and regulatory documentation from molecule to market.

Our business aims

1. To deliver error-free medical writing and regulatory documentation on time, on budget, and on message.
2. To use our experience and expertise to produce high-quality documentation for use across all stages of the clinical trial lifecycle.
3. To partner with our life sciences clients to achieve marketing authorisation and commercialisation of your life-changing therapeutic innovations to transform lives globally.
4. To be the best business in our industry for client satisfaction and employee happiness.

Our compliance protocols

We take compliance seriously at Bham Pharma Ltd, which is why our team is regularly trained to adhere to relevant codes and regulations within our sector.


Our team are Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry (ABPI) trained and certified. We adhere to the ABPI Code of Practice and operate in a professional, ethical, and transparent manner. We understand the value of the ABPI Code of Practice within our sector, and we keep ourselves appraised about any updates to the Code itself.

GDPR and the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations

We take your privacy very seriously. We ensure that all personal information we have about you is processed fairly and lawfully, in accordance with our obligations and your rights under current UK legislation including, but not limited to, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PERC). For the purposes of GDPR the ‘Data Controller’ is Bham Pharma Ltd.
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The Good Publication Practice (GPP) guidelines provide recommendations about the publication of research studies that are sponsored by pharmaceutical, biotechnological, and diagnostic companies. We take these guidelines seriously to bring transparency and authenticity to the data published in not just our publications, but all our medical communications and regulatory submission materials. We consider following the GPP an ethical responsibility to further scientific research.
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Veeva is a global provider of industry-specific cloud software solutions that addresses the regulatory requirements of the life sciences industry. We are committed to ensuring all our materials are compliant by regulatory standards and all our writers are Veeva-trained.
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Our planet

We care passionately about the environment, planet, and our role as a company to join in the fight against climate change. Irrefutable evidence demonstrates that climate change is a growing existential threat to humanity across the globe.

As well as corporate responsibility, we also believe in taking individual responsibility for the health of our planet.

Consequently, one of the reasons we are a fully-remote business is to reduce our carbon footprint by not travelling to and from an office, printing off as little as possible, and recycling. Our future environmental goals include initiatives such as planting trees and marine conservation.

We are aware that we all have a part to play in taking socially responsible and sustainable business decisions to protect our planet, today and tomorrow.

Action matters at Bham Pharma, which is why we have started the process of becoming B Corp Certified. We aim to become a fully-certified B Corporation by the end of 2023.

Our culture

As a team of medical writers, we do not take ourselves too seriously, but we take what we do seriously. 
Quality is at the heart of everything we do. 
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High-quality work is achieved by our team working remotely, meaning that they are focused on their work and not having to devote time or energy to get ready and commute to and from a physical office. Also, we work 4.5 days per week, finishing at lunchtime on Fridays.
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As well as a good work-life balance, the key to high-quality work and a happy team is a combination of engaging and challenging projects and trusting the team. Our senior team members endeavour to support our new hires across medical writing and leadership activities. 
All members have the freedom to speak up and be listened to. Everyone's tips, advice, and concerns are taken into account to ensure the business continues to evolve in the right direction.
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Our rules

Always be polite
Always be professional
Always be direct

Our team of medical writers

With our talented team of medical writers, your marketing and commercial endeavours are in safe hands.

Client testimonials

“We have enjoyed working with Bilal and his team, who are friendly and professional, and provide high-quality deliverables on time, whilst maintaining their flexibility to accommodate our business needs. We highly recommend Bilal and his Team”
“Bilal has assembled a very strong writing team with varied skills and backgrounds, so if Bilal isn’t familiar with a specific disease area or document, someone else on his team will be. I would highly recommend Bilal and his team of writers for any medical writing project - whether in the regulatory, academic and medical information space.” 

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+44 (0) 1772 846 112
Preston, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom

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