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Our breadth of experience spans all therapeutic areas. However, we take a special interest in providing medical writing for the following: 
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Gene therapy

Gene therapy is a fascinating process that adapts a person’s genes to treat or cure disease. At Bham Pharma, we follow research developments in this important area as gene therapy could create life-changing treatments for patients in the future. 
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Our human immune system is both powerful and complex. We look at the science that seeks to unlock the secrets of immuno-oncology and the development of novel therapies that could be used to improve the prognosis of people with cancer in the years ahead.
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Infectious diseases

Infectious diseases generate a substantial burden of illness globally. From influenza to measles, these vexing conditions require the development of evidence-based communication materials, and we are here to help with their creation.
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Rare diseases

Information about rare diseases needs greater amplification at the societal level. Unfortunately, these complex conditions are not properly understood by researchers and decision-makers alike. We can develop new and informative collateral to promote awareness of your rare disease treatments.
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Women’s health

Women’s health needs to be improved for a multitude of conditions across the globe. We are passionate about creating new information pertaining to illnesses that negatively affect women in all countries. While good progress has been made in recent years, more needs to be done and we are here to help.


Vaccines are incredibly important to fight an array of debilitating conditions across the planet. They are extremely cost-effective and require the generation of clear and accurate material to improve human health. We can help with the development of new and informative vaccine-based communications. 

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