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Medical writing for vaccines

Our expert medical writing services help unlock the potential of your pre- and post-vaccine submissions and shed light on the broad range of health conditions they address. Together, let’s explore the world of vaccinations and the valuable impact they have on people globally. 

Why do we specialise in medical writing for vaccines?

In the age of fake news and online misinformation, global vaccination coverage has stalled, presenting many public health dilemmas for governments and national ministries of health worldwide.

As professional communicators, we fully appreciate the imperative to tackle misinformation surrounding vaccinations, and the requirement to promote evidence-based data to support their use across multiple geographies. While the pharmaceutical industry, medical communications agencies, and national governments understand the powerful utility of vaccinations, we must continue to produce accurate scientific documentation that demonstrates their value to populations who could be susceptible to the pernicious influence of misinformation and fake news.

Type of vaccines we explore

We are interested in a range of diseases that can be mitigated by vaccination and we always keep ourselves apprised about new vaccine developments. For example, we followed the development of the recently produced malaria vaccination, and we are now keeping ourselves informed about the World Health Organization (WHO) malaria vaccine implementation programme, which will help to reduce the burden of disease for this problematic condition within sub-Saharan Africa in particular.

Equally, we have a real interest in the development of messenger ribonucleic acid (mRNA) vaccines, and we remain hopeful that a universal influenza vaccine will come to fruition in the years ahead. In the past, we have researched and written about vaccines for bird flu, human papillomavirus (HPV), hepatitis, influenza, and the varicella vaccine.

The future of vaccines

Importantly, vaccination is a global public health success as millions of lives are saved each year from a number of devastating diseases ranging from coronavirus-19 (COVID-19), polio, pneumococcal disease, influenza, and HPV, which can cause life-threatening cancers.

Vaccines, and their rollouts across the globe, have contributed to people living longer and healthier lives, which contribute toward country-specific economic and developmental progress. From a global public health perspective, vaccination remains a critical cornerstone of primary healthcare and a fundamental human right. As one of the most cost-effective measures, their global utility cannot be understated.

The future landscape of vaccine development looks very exciting. As stated, mRNA vaccines have the potential to generate protection against multiple strains of influenza simultaneously, the Zika virus, and rabies to name a few. To date, these new vaccines have generated potent immunity against the aforementioned diseases in animal models, and as more research is conducted in the years ahead, it is possible that novel therapies will be developed to improve human health across the world. However, we must note that vaccines, and their efficacy, remain subject to misinformation and fake news. Thus, we must do our part as expert science communicators to demonstrate their utility to as many people as possible.

Looking for medical writers that specialise in vaccines? 

If you are looking for professional medical writing support for your pre- and post- vaccine marketing approval submissions, or even to raise awareness of the importance of vaccination, we can help you. Contact us through the form below and one of our team members will be in touch!

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