Despite the ground-breaking medical, scientific, and technological advancements in the last few decades, women’s health issues have been largely neglected in medical and research institutions. This can be attributed to the deeply rooted sexism within healthcare systems, enabling men to make clinical decisions surrounding women’s health and shape the societal education and awareness (or lack thereof) on conditions affecting women.

The lack of female enrolment in clinical trials has amplified the lack of knowledge surrounding women’s health. In the US, the National Institutes of Health did not require female enrolment in trials until 1993 under the pretext that women’s bodies are ‘complex’. To this day, an overwhelming number of studies heavily recruit men and for many decades, male researchers have written publications based only on male participants. We are strong believers that women’s health matters.

As a team of women, our mission at Bham Pharma is to make medical research more accessible to women, promote equal enrolment in clinical trials, and increase awareness of conditions affecting women. We are passionate about women’s health, and we can take care of your medical communications, marketing, and regulatory submissions for women’s health.

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