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Frances Edwards

Manager of Medical Communications, Medical Marketing and Senior Medical Writer 

Bachelor of Science (Hons), Neuroscience, University of Leeds. 
MSc, Medical Science, University of Ulster

Favourite document type: Slide decks & promotional materials
Favourite therapeutic area: Neurology and Oncology

About Frances Edwards

After graduating I realised I did not want to go into laboratory work and wanted to focus on the more academic side of medical science. I got offered a position in medical information which I took and it was there I realised that my true passion lay in the writing and communication of science. 

Since 2014 I have worked for medical communication agencies and Pharma companies across the UK and the US.

I joined Bham Pharma in 2020 because I believe in the vision of the company, what we are trying to achieve, and building a team of exceptionally talented and passionate writers. I have since progressed to senior medical writer and ultimately manager of medical communications. 

Outside of work, I love spending time with my daughter and family. 

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