Writing is an art form often celebrated in popular culture but is somewhat underrated and taken for granted in medical research and development. And yet clinical research must be written to the highest possible editorial and scientific standard in the pursuit of bringing a medicinal product to market.

Regulatory Documentation

All written documents must pass through the rigour of regulatory body and journal scrutiny. Scientific accuracy, grammatical correctness, and a simple and effective writing style contribute to the integrity of every single document created for regulatory, healthcare professional and public consumption.

Regulatory agencies analyse all regulatory documents with a keen eye, spotting errors and inconsistencies that can reduce the integrity of a submission. Any delays in the submissions process can be expensive for biopharma companies in terms of time and money required to rectify errors, and the knock-on delay of attaining marketing authorisation applications, leading to a delay in future revenue.

Our team of regulatory medical writers adhere to industry guidelines and standards, to faithfully and ethically report your clinical trial data, recognising how important these documents are to your healthcare and business objectives. We can manage the entire lifecycle of the various regulatory documents that make up your submissions, including:

  • Clinical electronic common technical document modules
  • Clinical sections of new drug applications
  • Clinical summaries and overviews
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Clinical evaluation reports
  • Investigator’s brochures
  • Informed consent forms
  • Clinical study protocols
  • Clinical study reports
  • Patient narratives
  • Case report forms


The reporting of safety data is integral to a product’s regulatory documentation. We are experienced in delivering a range of pharmacovigilance documents, including:

  • Data safety monitoring board manuals
  • Periodic benefit-risk evaluation report
  • Development safety update reports
  • Benefit/risk assessment reports
  • Periodic safety update reports
  • Risk management plans

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