Bilal Bham, MSc, Managing Director and Principal Medical Writer

I graduated from the University of Manchester with a BSc in Genetics (2.1 Hons), and an MSc in Immunology and Immunogenetics, completing placements with the European Molecular Biology Laboratories (EMBL) and the European Molecular Biology Organisation (EMBO) Reports (Heidelberg, Germany), and at the Paterson Institute for Cancer Research (PICR; Manchester, UK). Whilst at EMBO, an article I had published in the Science and Society section sparked my interest in and creative flair for scientific writing.

I became a medical writer, first at a CRO that was called Accovion (now CliniPace), then at Sanofi, both in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. On my return to England, I joined a small biopharmaceutical company, Renovo. I’d always wanted to be my own boss, and it’s liquidation 8 months after I joined presented me with the opportunity to become a freelance medical writer, the success of which led to the launch of Bham Pharma Ltd.

My passion for technology and flair for marketing enabled me to diversify the business when I realised the potential for content to engage over social media. Bham Digital Ltd was the result, bringing together the best of hard science and effective social media, what I call “compliant medical social media”.

When I am not medical writing, I can be found in the gym at the crack of dawn, on a Latin dancefloor at the weekend, watching a movie in the evenings (I have about 1,000 DVDs and a Netflix account!), listening to 80’s and chillout music, engaging in personal growth and development, or on stage doing musicals with my amateur dramatics group. I believe in helping people and am heavily involved within my community with our community association, and am on the board of several other community help organisations. I love watching sports, my football team is Manchester United (I know…!), and I follow England and Team GB in everything. I also enjoy blogging and vlogging about personal growth, food, and politics.

Gabriella Buki, MSc, Medical Writer II

I am an UK-based life sciences professional with a background in biomedical and pharmaceutical research, clinical trial setup and conduct, regulatory affairs, medical content creation and translation. I have a passion for communicating science and making scientific information accessible for a wide range of audiences.

I graduated from the Eötvös Loránd Science University, Budapest, Hungary, with a diploma in Molecular Biology in 2011. During my university years, I participated in immunology and microbiology research projects, and I worked as a research assistant at the Department of Microbiology for three more years after my graduation.  From 2014 onwards, I held various positions in the pharmaceutical industry, starting as a Clinical Data Manager at the Life Sciences department of Cognizant Technology Solutions, working on the setup and conduct of phase II oncology studies for Sanofi. Whilst there, I switched to Regulatory Affairs to broaden my knowledge and skillset, and with my team, I participated in regulatory database management projects and supported the global labelling team of Boehringer Ingelheim.

I became a Medical Writer in 2016 at Syntesia Medical Communications, Budapest, Hungary. Here, I was responsible for the development and delivery of high-quality medical materials including research publication summaries, marketing brochures, pharmaceutical training materials, slide decks, health-related web and mobile applications, and for the content management of therapeutic area-specific online publication databases. Our main client was Bayer. Being a remote position, this job also allowed me to move to Edinburgh, Scotland, where I currently.

I am also a certified medical and scientific translator, member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists, and my work has allowed me to build up an exceptionally wide knowledge of therapeutic areas and document types.

Outside of work, I enjoy volunteering in non-profit community cultural organizations (Hungarian Tolkien Society, Beltane Fire Society), medieval re-enactment, dancing, crafting and exploring my city by bike.

Frances Edwards, MSc, Medical Writer II

I graduated from the University of Leeds with a BSc (Hons) in Neuroscience in 2010. I then decided to do a MSc in Medical Sciences to broaden my knowledge at the University of Ulster which I completed in 2013.

I first started as a medical information officer at Professional Information in 2014 which provided me with a good basis and insight into the medical communications industry. I worked with many clients across a broad range of therapy areas, handled enquiries from healthcare professionals and patients, reported adverse events and PQC’s, and wrote standard response documents. I moved down to Surrey at the end of 2015 and worked for a couple of pharmaceutical companies which provided me with further medical information experience as well as being involved in copy approval, auditing, creating SOPs and WIs and regulatory writing. Finally, I moved back to the north east and I secured a job working remotely for Med Communications based in Memphis, Tennessee where I worked with clients from across the USA.

Outside of work I enjoy spending time with my 3-year-old daughter, visiting family, cooking, and reading.

Gauri Shetgaonkar, BDS, Senior Medical Writer

I graduated in Dental surgery from the University of Goa, India, in 2009. During my studies, pharmacology and medicine were my favourite subjects. I learned about clinical research while doing an internship which I found very interesting.

After practising as a Dentist for 2 years, I moved to Mumbai. There, I got an opportunity to work as a medical writer for a multi-national company and loved it. Since then, I have worked in companies based in India and the UK, where I currently reside. Overall, I have nearly 5 years of medical writing experience in big pharma and biotech firms.

My writing experience includes regulatory documents including study protocols and amendments, clinical study reports, patient narratives, investigator’s brochures, informed consent forms, and aggregate safety reports across multiple therapeutic areas, primarily oncology.

The intellectual challenge of medical writing excites me, plus it satiates my ceaselessly curious mind with new knowledge every day. I believe in working whole-heartedly and delivering my best.

Outside of work, I like to exercise (gym/home/outdoors), dance, read, or simply spend time at home.

Matthew Gammon, Creative and Client Relationship Manager

I am a consultative Creative and Client Relationship Manager, with over 15 years’ experience providing new and prospective clients insight and expertise in global healthcare communications. Over the years I have developed a strong understanding of the industry and the challenges faced when developing effective and compliant healthcare marketing. I always enjoy speaking to clients about their challenges, whether it’s taking client briefs or developing and presenting full proposals, or simply offering advice and guidance.

The industry is currently undergoing a paradigm shift when it comes to individualised treatment, and I’m truly excited about the future of healthcare, particularly how connected technologies will create positive health outcomes for patients via big data, smart devices and tailored therapeutics delivered through a deeper understanding of individual’s needs.

When I’m not talking to clients, you can find me enjoying time with my partner and our children, watching them experience the world is a joy to behold, and truly one of life’s most precious gifts.